The Morgue and Me by John C. Ford (2009)

Christopher Newell didn’t plan to spend his summer working at the morgue, but when he sees the ad in the paper, he decides it might help him with his dreams of working as a spy someday.  From day one, Christopher is sucked into what appears to be a murder cover-up.  The police appear to be involved, leaving Christopher, along with the femme fatale journalist, Tina, to carry on an investigation of their own.  Under the guise of “innocent” journalism, the pair manage to uncover a scenario of events involving the town mayor, blackmail, and bribery.  As Christopher and Tina delve deeper into the case, things become more and more dangerous.  Will they be able to solve the crime before one of them gets seriously hurt?

The Morgue and Me is a fast-paced, classic whodunit-type mystery with a well-drawn cast of characters and enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing until the end.  This is definitely a good pick for reluctant readers and those who enjoy the class mystery genre.


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