Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie by Julie Sternberg

“I had a very bad August.
A very bad August.
As bad as pickle juice on a cookie.
As bad as a spiderweb on your leg.
As bad as the black parts of a banana.
I hope your August was better.
I really do.” (p. 1)

Just before the beginning of third grade, Eleanor finds out her beloved babysitter, Bibi, is moving to Florida to take care of her father.  Eleanor misses Bibi terribly and is sure that her new babysitter, Natalie, won’t be able to take her place.  But Natalie surprises Eleanor with her love of board games, lemonade and photography.  Little by little, Eleanor lets Natalie into her life, while still hanging on to the wonderful memories she’s shared with Bibi.  Told in free-verse and accompanied by Matthew Cordell’s adorable illustrations, Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie is a slim, sweet story about facing loss and gathering the strength to move on.    I’d recommend this book for fans of Clementine or Judy Moody.

Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie by Julie Sternberg
Juvenile fiction | 128 pages | March 2011 | Amulet Books | 9780810984240 | Library copy

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