The Magnificent 12: The Trap by Michael Grant

In the second volume of The Magnificent 12 series, Michael Grant once again takes us on a wild ride around the world. Mack, Stephen and Jarrah are on their way to China to pick up the next member of the 12, but of course they encounter everything from scary little men made of stinky blue cheese to dragons, to giant grasshoppers and just plain old giants. With the clock ticking down to the Pale Queen’s release, will Mack be able to find the rest of the 12 in time to save the world from impending doom?

I wasn’t as enamored with this second book. The humor that drew me into the The Call was over the top and contrived in The Trap. I also think that the numerous pop culture references will date this book too quickly. Overall, though, I’d still recommend this series to readers who like humor and adventure.

The Magnificent 12:  The Trap by Michael Grant
Juvenile fiction | 294 pages | August 2011 | Katherine Tegen Books | 0061833681 | Library copy

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