About Me

I’m Danielle Larca, a youth services librarian in New Jersey.  I started blogging with a friend as a way to keep track of what I read and dip my toes into the ever-expanding universe of book bloggers.  I’ve decided now is the time to branch out on my own.  In the spirit of librarianship, I hope to share the books I love with all of you.  I read widely-everything from picture books to adult fiction, kidlit to memoirs.  As a children’s librarian, I will also be sharing ideas for successful programs I’ve conducted in my library.

Why I am a “paper pusher”:

Books simultaneously root us in a better understanding of people and the world and allow us to soar on the gossamer wings of imagination.  I believed this when I was a little girl, throwing “reading parties” with my sisters, and I believe it now, as a youth services librarian.  While I appreciate the ease and convenience that many modern technologies offer, none of them can replace the weighty feel of a book in my hand, its pages offering up their heady aroma.  Some may say I’m crazy, but those who’ve experienced true book love know what I mean.


6 responses to “About Me

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  2. nancy voitko

    I love that you are blogging now, Danielle! Go, girlfriend! Well done.

  3. dlarca

    Thanks Nancy! I was blogging with Nicki for awhile but decided it was time to branch out on my own… 🙂

  4. A belated thank you from a grateful author who enjoys your blog and appreciates a librarian like you putting such energy and thought into it! Honored to be included in your blog.
    BTW, recently learned from my publisher that my “Genius of Common Sense” has been nominated for the 2012 Garden State Teen Book Awards, to be determined by votes cast by students throughout the state of New Jersey. What a fabulous process and great way to introduce books to YA readers. Thank you again.

    • dlarca

      You’re welcome! I didn’t expect to be fascinated by Jane Jacobs’ life, but I was completely engrossed.

      I was actually on the committee of librarians who chose the Teen Book Awards ballot and was delighted that we were able to get it onto the ballot. I hope that teens will pick up this truly inspiring story and that it will encourage them to take action in the world around them.

  5. Oh we like Jane Jacobs over here too – isn’t she fascinating? I’m so glad I found your site!!

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