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A picture is worth a thousand words…

I’m always disheartened when a parent comes in and tells me they’re looking for a ‘real’ book for their child to read.  Real books?  I ask.  You know, they say, a chapter book – one without pictures. 

A few months ago the NY Times published an article regarding this very subject.  It stated that picture books were languishing on the shelves because parents are pushing their children at ever younger ages to read more ‘complex’ books, not understanding that picture books can present complex language and themes that would be appropriate even for older children.  Children learn to not only read the words, but also to read the images and to fill in the gaps by using their imaginations and cognitive thinking skills. 

I only started reading picture books again when I became a librarian, and I have to tell you, there are A LOT of really wonderful titles out there. Next week, I will begin sharing some of these books with you in what I hope will become a regular weekly post.


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